“ The spirit of Mary is something most delicate and profound, obtained only through sustained meditation and prayer. ” - Jean Claude Colin, Founder Marist Order

Our mission

Mission Statement

The Society of Mary (Marist Fathers) has but one overall mission – to proclaim the Gospel to the people of our time, ever conscious of the mystery of Mary in the Church.

Fr. Colin (Founder of the Marist Fathers) once said, ‘Yes, we must begin a “new Church” over again… in a certain sense, yes…a “new Church”’ (F.S. 120). This ‘New Church’, a Marian Church, is a communion of hope, which recognises the dignity of each and promotes justice for all.

Marists are called to establish the Church where it does not exist and to renew existing communities rather than to participate in its activities in places where it is already established with sufficient resources. Our specific mission is towards the poor, in their search for dignity and hope; the alienated, in their painful isolation from Church and society; youth, in their need for hope, growth and a vision for the future.

As a province on mission, moving with hope and trepidation into the 21st century, the Marist Fathers are inspired by Mary, Mother of Mercy.

The Marist mission is to be carried out persuasively but quietly, because that is how Mary carried out her role in the early church. Mary’s role is the foundation upon which Marist life is built. They are inspired by her person and follow her example